Machines don't decide.
People do.

We believe that when making a claim, insurance customers deserve the fairest, most efficient experience possible.

To achieve this, omni:us has developed an innovative processing system for claims handlers. This tool optimises workflows and redistributes handlers' time to higher value work. What does that mean? It means more human communication.

Previously untapped data is pulled from claims documents, made available easily at hand through an innovative UI, all to better inform your decisions. Along with an increased automation rate which limits manual steps, omni:us AI is a potent recipe for satisfying insurance. 

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“Taking over the redundant low value tasks, our AI software provides insurance with space to concentrate on its customers by taking care of them in a personal, empathetic and trustworthy way.

- Martin Micko, COO

The world runs on love (and money). Insurance runs on data.

 omni:us helps you build a bridge between the two.



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Director UK

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